Červení Panteři
The Bigband Červení Panteři was established in 2002 at the Elementary School of Arts in Nová Role
near the town of Karlovy Vary. During its 20 years of existence, the orchestra has gained recognition and
is often invited to perform at culture events held primarily in towns along the Krušné hory border on both
the Czech and German side of the border. The Bigband Orchestra has a wide repertoire of more than 100
pieces ranging from swing, Latin and rock’n’roll to other dance styles. The orchestra is made up of the
Art school’s students, their parents as well as the school’s supporters. Among these, there are several
excellent singers. The orchestra has already given more than one hundred successful concerts in the
Karlovy Vary region, in Prague and numerous towns in Germany.

Members of the Orchestra:
Květa Teturová - leader, vocals, saxophone
Anna Molová - altsaxophone
Iva Mičanová - altsaxophone
Tomáš Matějů - tenorsaxophone
Nikola Turková - tenorsaxophone
Michal Stařík - clarinet
Dana Zemanová - baritonsaxophone
Pavel Hozák - trombone, vocals
Roman Pásek - trombone, vocals
Horst Batz - trombone
Petr Titlbach - trombone
Richard Petrik - trumpet
Martin Žiška - trumpet
František Včelák - trumpet
Karel Tetur - trumpet
Petr Klíček - trumpet
Pavel Hering - trumpet
Tereza Zachariášová - keyboard
Milan Zachariáš - bass guitar, vocals
Jiří Svačina - guitar, vocals
Petr Tyr - percussion